Office Bearers 2018

President: Sharon Desai

Vice President: Letty Craig

Secretary: Dominique Dyer

Treasurer: Vanessa Davies

Executive Members: Tracey Purvis, Kim Willcocks

Annette Thompson & Sharlie  Dei-Rossi

Uniform Shop: Dominique Dyer, Vanessa Davies & Martin Davies

School Banking Coordinators: Sharon Desai & Annette Thompson. Kerry Grigg (Helper)

Welcome & Information Pack 2018

Volunteer Roster

We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to join a committee but we would love to add you to our volunteer roster if you’re interested. This could be anything from helping at an event/stall, sorting of stock, busy bees etc. If this is something that you may have the time to be involved in please email your details to; kooranapandc@gmail.com. Thank you

Contact Details