Vision, Purpose & Ethos


To develop INNOVATIVE students and help them ACHIEVE their best to go on to lead and INSPIRE others in the wider community.

Innovate • Achieve • Inspire


We have high expectations, learning together in a safe and caring environment.

Successful Students at Koorana Primary School

  • Have a strong sense of pride that is reflected in their respect for themselves, others   and their environment.
  • Learn best in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.
  • Need to be intrinsically motivated, engaged in a purposeful manner, and value their educational opportunities.
  • Have the capacity to reflect and set goals for self-improvement.
  • Are confident and prepared for future challenges as life-long learners.
  • Aim to achieve personal best through strong self-belief and self-worth.
  • Are supported in their endeavours to strive for excellence.
  • Develop and implement effective communication skills.
  • Display resilience, adaptability and independence.
  • Manage their time and resources appropriately and effectively.

Effective Teachers at Koorana Primary School

  • Utilise Classroom Management Strategies and Instructional tools that are implemented effectively and consistently.
  • Develop an inclusive teaching approach that caters for different intelligences, interests and backgrounds.
  • Listen to and act on students’ educational, emotional and social requirements.
  • Are motivated and enthusiastic professionals who inspire in their students a desire to learn.
  • Adapt a range of teaching strategies that challenge and empower.
  • Demonstrate explicit teaching followed by opportunities for students to apply new skills and knowledge.
  • Display accountability when developing programs that provides all students the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Maintain high expectations in learning and behaviour.
  • Self-reflect on all aspects of teaching through the Performance Review and Accountability Process.
  • Cultivate risk-taking and innovative thinking that support whole school planning and direction.
  • Practice collegial collaboration and moderation to ensure an effective assessing, planning, teaching and learning cycle.
  • Model standards of social competencies and values.
  • Are provided with opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills.
  • Balance professional and personal responsibilities.

Koorana Primary School as a Good School

  • Develops positive, respectful relationships between all members of the school community to achieve common goals.
  • Establishes an environment that is welcoming, safe and caring with provision for extensive and inclusive learning opportunities that have clear expectations of standards.
  • Develops common understandings of pedagogical practices with prescribed outcomes that ensure continuous improvement in all learning areas.
  • Builds on the current school plan through an agreed process.
  • Shapes strong leadership that influences practical measures to ensure the school vision becomes a reality.
  • Supports agreed protocols for communication.
  • Encourages active community involvement.
  • Maintains equitable and effective allocation of resources (both physical and human) that align and support the school plan.

Teacher qualifications

All teaching staff meet the professional requirements to teach in Western Australian public schools and can be found on the public register of teachers of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia.

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