School Vision, Values & Purpose

Our School Vision:

To promote a ‘can do’ attitude, building from individual strengths so that each child achieves their full potential to contribute as active members of their community.

Our Beliefs:

At Koorana ESC our staff embody the Department of Education’s values of learning, excellence, equity, care, integrity and respect.

  • We have high expectations for our students
  • We focus on strengths and abilities.
  • We ensure that our students, parents and community feel valued, included and have a voice.

Our Values:

Courage –
Our students have courage to try new things, take on challenges and show determination and perseverance, so they reach their full potential.

Respect –
Our students show respect for themselves, for others and for the environment.

Community –
Our students engage with, feel supported by, and are connected to their community.

Our Purpose:

For each student;

  • To have an effective communication system
  • To self-regulate and be resilient in preparation for high school
  • To be enthusiastic and motivated to achieve
  • To have confidence to participate as an individual or part of a group
  • To continuously build skills towards self-reliance and independence

Our Motto:

Koorana Kids Can!

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