Koorana Primary School Personal items list

PERSONAL ITEMS (refers to student personal items (booklist) proposed under Section 108 of the
School Education Act)

The charge for personal use items will vary from student to student depending on the year level.
The specified lists for each year level will be sent home by email along with this letter.

The school sought three quotes for personal items this year. The quotes from Officeworks were the
lowest with a savings of approx. 20%. In order to lock in these lower prices, the school cannot
offer a school pick up day for 2024. All orders are to be completed online and delivery arranged to
your home or click and collect through Officeworks stores. Online ordering is now open and will be
available up until 2 February 2024. Please note the list prices are only available online, not in
store. You are not obliged to use our chosen supplier.

Parents are reminded that students will need to have the listed materials each school day so it may
be necessary to replace some items such as pencils throughout the year.

•Kindergarten             •Pre Primary

•Year 1                        •Year 2

•Year 3                        •Year 4

•Year 5                       •Year 6

Uniform orders-Eclipse Universal

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