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Medication at School

If your child needs to be given medication during school hours, you need to provide:

  • medication that is labelled with your child’s name, in its original packaging and is within expiry
  • complete the administration of Medication form
  • This applies to medication for long-term and short-term use
  • Medication is NOT to be taken to classrooms or left in student’s bags

Department of Education Policies

Students online in Public Schools Policy

Connect and Respect

Every student, staff member, parent or carer has the right to feel safe and be safe in our schools.
We all share a responsibility for providing a safe, supportive and productive environment, free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence.

Standing together against violence

Connect and Respect – legislative guidance

Connect and Respect – Expectations

Connect and Respect – Engagement

Connect and Respect – Escalation

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